2. Tadaex Tehran - 2016

Tehran Annual Digital Art Exhibition:

About TADAEX/ Tehran Annual Digital Art Exhibition:
Beyond mere display of art, Tehran Annual Digital Art Exhibition (TADAEX) is a place for digital perspective and creation of a contemporary and flexible platform for exchanging views, culture and digital way of life among artists, art lovers and enthusiasts. This remains an invaluable chance in an age where violence, hegemony and poverty have left little chance for interaction, dialog and peaceful coexistence among contemporary human beings.

What we did:
we had a brief that insisted on local visual identity of Tehran, and contemporary perspectives towards design and art in the ever changing art scene of Tehran. For the typography we designed a Farsi logotype based on Kufi calligraphic atmosphere which relates more to the modern age, yet we added up to the whole image of it by using deformation, inflation and some innovations in letters, making it more and more unique and self-explanatory.
3d forms of some Islamic motifs were inflated and put into a collage alongside some excerpts of Tehran's satellite maps excavated from Google Maps. Panton's neon colors were selected to give the design a more RGB feel which lies in the digital arts compendium.


Studio Metaphor︎︎︎︎︎

Editorial /

  1. Aroosak Sokhangoo Magazine
  2. Aataash Magazine
  3. Hengam Magzine
  4. Daal Magazine

Branding /

  1. Learak House
  2. Polymer Pishrafte Dana
  3. Tadaex Festival
  4. Haamarz architecture
  5. Nour Shour
  6. Emava Application
  7. Maahv Design
  8. Alast Architects

Events & Exhibitions /

  1. SM 9th Anniversary

Type Design /

  1. Daal Typeface
  2. Hengaam Font Family

Products/Objects /

  1. Metaphor tooth USB
  2. Maahv Scarf
  3. Gonbad Aflak Poster

Posters /
  1. Azad Art Gallery collection
  2. DDD Talks
  3. Del Asa concert

Side Projects
Frontline Typo Platform /

  1. Farsi alternative type
  2. Typographic calendar 
  3. Typographic Planner
  4. Year Books
  5. Merchendise